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Since the release of her debut recording in September 2012, Mo Kenney has toured Canada with Joel Plaskett and The Emergency and Ron Sexsmith, selling record numbers of CDs offstage and gleaning outstanding reviews. She has played the prestigious Iceland Airwaves Festival, The Great Escape, and Green Man Festival; won the 2013 SOCAN Songwriting Prize award; was nominated for a CBC Radio 3 Bucky Award for Rookie of the Year and an ECMA for Rising Star Recording of the Year; and made the iTunes Best Singer Songwriters of 2012 list.

The buzz on Mo Kenney started before the release of her self-titled debut, fuelled by her quirky songs, unique voice and the admiration and support of industry veterans such as Joel Plaskett, Ron Sexsmith and Gordie Sampson. East Coast rock and roll hero Plaskett, produced and played on the album, as well as contributing a couple of co-writes. Plaskett’s label New Scotland Records released the recording in partnership with Pheromone Recordings.

The album is the happy outcome of a true tandem operation. “Joel and I are the only musicians playing on the album,” says Mo. “He definitely influenced the production. Joel is such a hard worker and he really knows his stuff.” Plaskett may still be best known as a prolific and popular Juno-winning rock and roll veteran, but his bona fides as a producer are now well-established. Such acclaimed artists as Two Hours Traffic, Sarah Slean, and Steve Poltz have all made good use of his studio skills. H

aving influences and inspirations drawn from classic and alt-rock artists rather than the traditional singer/songwriter pantheon helps account for the bracing freshness of Mo Kenney's style. Fitting her sound into a neat box is an exercise in futility, though, if pressed, Mo can settle for “pop music with a folky twist. It is pop-y as they're often short and catchy little songs. I wanted to stay away from the typical singer/songwriter thing and do something a little different. These songs are like a collection of the music I have been carrying around since I was about 15. Many of the songs were written when I was younger, so the album is a weird mix.” More wonderful than weird, we say.

"It feels awkward to just blurt it out, but Mo Kenney has achieved a craft on the level with artists including Ani DiFranco, Stevie Nicks, Jolie Holland and Neko Case on her self-titled debut. Such a statement feels awkward because the album in question is her first; those other artists had to work for years to refine their talents and chops, but it’s hard not to feel like you’re bearing witness to the birth of a new star when you hear this record."

– Ground Control Magazine

"It’s beautiful. It really is. It’s artistically arranged, with the songs flowing into each other, and the music itself is composed skillfully and elegantly; each beat a careful hum, each continuous note an ode to itself and the album as whole. Her voice is smooth and steady; (surely she could chat anybody up with her fluid delivery) her guitar playing is gorgeous; it’s like she has almost some sort of aura that draws us all to her soft songs and her quiet lyrics."

– The Scene Magazine

“Mo Kenney is as sophisticated and devastating as a Cory Branan or Aimee Mann offering, it’s got sweetly swung melodies, some amazing drumming, and a fully realized David Bowie cover.”-

– Nine Bullets

(Live) “Mo Kenny was an evocative singer with a powerful voice. Kenny would hit deeper notes, and then she could sing like an angel, and her lyrics are wonderfully soulful.”-

– The Gate

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